Dr. Heard’s practice provides continuity in care that is not found in most IVF facilities. His type of care provides constant assurance to the patient that he knows her case inside and out. In other facilities where the continuity in care is lacking, the patient becomes a “file number.”

Each visit may bring the patient face-to-face with a different doctor who does not know her and her particular needs. Valuable time is wasted while each new face scans the file to quickly determine who the patient is and what needs to be done. The lack of continuity extends to the nursing staff, front office staff, ultrasound technicians and others. This often leaves the patient with the feeling of being in an IVF “factory”. very impersonal with little confidence that she is getting the treatment and care she deserves.

Dr. Heard is available 24 hours a day – a unique advantage compared to most IVF facilities. In most other facilities, contact is with either the nursing staff or an answering service. Having direct access to the doctor provides a great deal of comfort during an already stressful period of time.

Dr. Heard is a problem solver. He goes the extra mile to determine the root of any problem and prescribe a plan of action to resolve the problem. In other facilities, the shear volume of patients precludes any sort of individual approach to determining and resolving more complex problems. The “factory” cycle is routine for most patients and the successful outcomes at the facilities tend to be skewed by the high number of cycles performed, not by “treating” each individual and her infertility issues.

Dr. Heard and his staff take the time and make the effort to provide personal attention with genuine care and concern. Each person knows the patient by name and knows the particulars of her treatment plan and cycle status. In a stressful and emotional situation, Dr. Heard strives to ease the stress and fear by providing in-depth consultations, educational material and an environment of complete support.

Dr. Heard is involved in on-going research to provide his patients with the most recent and successful treatment options available. Dr. Heard is the patient’s advocate and is intent on doing what is best for each patient and her particular needs. The field of Assisted Reproductive Technology is constantly changing and improving and Dr. Heard is proactive in his involvement to be on the cutting-edge while at the same time, putting the safety of his patients first.

The lab and its personnel are an extremely important element in the IVF process. Dr. Heard’s lab is equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment and directed by an experienced and highly qualified doctor. The small lab ensures that the lab director oversees each case and communicates directly with Dr Heard and the patient. Various lab technicians are often used to perform many of the lab procedures in larger facilities, which can lead to diminished communication and expertise.

Dr. Heard is personally involved in each phase of the patient’s cycle. He conducts the consultation visits, performs all of the ultrasounds and works with the patient and spouse to reach mutually agreed upon goals. His direct involvement in every aspect of the patient’s case provides a level of comfort and a degree of expertise not realized in other facilities.

Dr. Heard not only establishes a comfortable and respectful rapport with the patient, he also realizes the importance of involving the spouse. Dr. Heard and his staff make the effort to include the spouse in all aspects of the cycle planning and decision- making, helping to ensure the spouse is made to feel included and needed.

Dr. Heard is actively involved with Resolve and other support groups and educational programs, both locally and nationally. He is extremely well respected in the IVF community and can provide the patient and her family with outside sources of support and education. He is also pro-active in educating other physicians on the continuing advances is Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Dr. Heard is completely dedicated not only to his patients and their spouses, but also to his practice, his staff and the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. His dedication transcends each and every person that I have dealt with during our IVF journey over the last four years. Dr. Heard provides his patients with a unique dedication that comes through communication, education, professionalism, cutting-edge technology, problem solving skills and a genuine passion for his chosen field.